Ares Macrotechnology

Ares Macrotechnology, run by Damien Knight and headquartered in Detroit, Michigan, UCAS, is the seventh largest corporation in the world, the largest in the UCAS, and the current leader in the defense and aerospace industries. Its five main divisions are AresSpace, Ares Global Entertainment, Ares Arms, Knight Errant Security Services, and General Motors.


Nicholas “Old Nick” Aurelius was an industry giant at the end of the 20th century. He sat on the board of General Motors, and owned (outright) countless other companies. When the Shiawase Decision was handed down, Old Nick had to give some serious thought into incorporating all his various assets into one single megacorporation.

In an interview with the Detroit Weekly News he frankly discussed his desire to gain extraterritoriality. But was quick to add that the responsibilities that come with such are immense, Ares Industries.

I think a lot of people out there are forgetting the work involved. The more control you have over things, the more work you need to put in to make sure things stay in control. this isn’t something I’m doing for fun, because I won’t be having that much fun, believe me. It’s something I’m doing because it’s best for my business,

Old Nick was CEO and Chairman of the Board for Ares Industries from its inception in 2002 until 2023. These two decades were ones of extreme growth and profitability for the megacorporation. Old Nick had a knack for reorganizing the company for maximum profits, and to minimize losses.

As the US government began to sell off their assets, Ares Industries was right there to pick up the pieces.When NASA was being sold off to the highest bidder, Old Nick made sure that would be Ares. With this acquisition they were able to; turn NASA into a highly profitable satellite recovery service, refurbish the space station Freedom (now renamed the Zurich Orbital Habitat and sell it to the Corporate Court… ) Which they also helped form.

Everything was coming up roses for Ares. After his two decades of service, Old Nick stepped down as CEO. He left the position to his son, Leonard Aurelius. And Leonard ran things fairly competently (if a bit more hesitant than his father) for the next six years.

On Feb. 8, 2029 computer systems all over the world were attacked at random by an unknown virus. This brought about the toppling of governments, uncounted casualties, unknown billions of dollars of damages, and a world on the brink of chaos. Ares Industries somehow managed to make it through this turmoil, in part by rebranding themselves as the new and improved Ares Macrotechnology.

They slowly rebuilt, and re-established themselves in this brave new world. Leonard oversaw a few key buyouts and mergers that strengthened Ares Macrotech’s position in the corporate court. Ares Arms, however, brought in the most profits during this time, with the EuroWars beginning in 2031. Ares Arms was just about the sole arms manufacturer for all sides of the conflict. With moves such as this, Leonard Aurelius, generally established himself as a competent (if careful) heir to Old Nick’s corporate empire.

As Leonard corporate star began to rise, tragedy struck at home. In the late months of 2032 Old Nick Aurelius succumbed to a fatal heart attack.

Then, just three short months later on Jan. 24th 2033 at 11:42:08 EST a blitzkrieg of computerized buying and selling orders from Stockholm Sweden hit the Boston East Coast Stock Exchange . Over the next sixty-four seconds these trades caused three corporations to dissolve, two multi-millionaires to lose their fortunes, three other people became multi-millionaires, and ( the then unknown financier) Damien Knight to gain 22% stock in Ares Macrotechnology. This attack became known as the Nanosecond Buyout and has been the source of much speculation.

Knight and Aurelius did not see eye to eye from the very beginning, and butted heads off and on for control over the next few years. Mostly these years were dominated by Knight’s control, with the exception of a few months during 2049, when Leonard managed to wrest control away from Knight with the help of Gavilan Investments. Gavilan Investments owned 12% of Ares’ stock and was just enough to swing the voting block behind Leonard’s power bid. But it seems that Gavilan Investments (and it’s owner, the Big D) were quite capricious and helped reinstate Knight by the middle of 2050.

Ares Macrotech, under Knight’s leadership began to flourish. He expanded the role of AresSpace in the public and private sectors, expanded Ares Global Entertainment, and forged Knight Errant Securities.

In the mid 2050s, during this time of Ares’ economic dominance there lurked a secret inside the company. Tipped off to the Bug Spirit threat by the Big D, Damien Knight ordered Knight Errant to become the vanguard in the war against the Bugs. Armed with the knowledge that the Bug Spirits were using the Universal Brotherhood as a front to recruit hosts, Knight Errant went out and cleared up any hives that they could track down. Things went generally smoothly for the Ares Fireteams until August of 2055 when they arrived in Chicago and were woefully underprepared for the massive infestation that stretched throughout the whole of the city. The UCAS government ordered the evacuation and quarantine of Chicago on Aug. 23rd, 2055 on the grounds that a new strain of VITAS was found in the city. KE stayed behind and attempted to fight the good fight, even going so far as to detonating a small nuclear weapon in the heart of the Chicago hive… to no avail.

The second incident that harmed Ares’s name came as a direct consequence of the evacuation of Chicago. Thousands of refugees sought shelter in the surrounding sprawls, Denver most notably. The native population saw the refugees less as people and more as Bug Spirit infiltrators and tensions ran high between the two groups. Violence finally erupted between the two groups, and KE opened fire on the crowd indiscriminately gunning down both sides, and forever cementing KE’s reputation as heavily armed thugs for hire.

In 2057, Damien Knight (through Ares) helped back Dunkelzahn’s bid for UCAS President with funds, publicity (through Ares Global Entertainment), and lobbying. We all know how that turned out for the Big D.

Even though Dunkelzahn was assassinated on his inauguration, Ares still managed to secure quite a few lucrative UCAS government contracts thanks to their relationship with President Haeffner. And they were even able to survive the Corp. War relatively unharmed.

All wasn’t beer and roses though. With the death of the Big D, the Gavilan Investment shares were transferred to the Big D’s Voice, Nadja Daviar. That was the first thorn in Knight’s side since Leonard Aurelius’ bids for supremacy in the ‘40s. But that wasn’t the only person to gain stock to oppose Knight. One Arthur Vogel also managed to scrape together quite the impressive portfolio from the Big D’s will, as well purchasing Leonard Aurleius’ shares in ’59 . This left Knight in a weakened position on the board, but was able to stay the course despite the setbacks.

Aurelius had jumped ship to AA Corp., Cross Applied Technologies. But Knight wasn’t about to let his insubordination go unpunished. In the early moments of the Crash 2.0 in ‘64 Leonard’s plane went down leading to his death, and within days the meaty parts of Cross had been purchased by Ares subsidiaries and shell companies. The rest was sold off for parts.

The Cross acquisition tarnished Ares’ reputation throughout the world leading Knight to reorganize around Ares World Holdings. This was met by vehement opposition from Vogel.

Then the Draco Foundation entrusted the Gavilan shares to Nicholas “Young Nick” Aurelius in a surprise move. Now Knight had both Vogel and another Aurelius on the board to contend with. And they went into immediate action, recalling Corporate Court Rep. Paul Graves, and installed Vogel’s own Michele Borden.

With the entrance of this new player on the scene, Knight has intensified his resolve to remain in control of Ares. He’s been digging into the agendas of Vogel, Young Nick and the Draco Foundation, trying to find the missing Nadja Daviar, and who Vogel’s secret backers are.

On September 5, 2074 Young Nick Aurelius is killed after jumping out of his gulf stream jet at 10000 meters. This is believed to be suicide although there is some evidence of wasp spirits near by. With his death ends the Aurelius legacy and their influence as Ares’ founder.

Ares Macrotechnology

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