Street Gangs of Seattle

The street gang situation in the Seattle Metroplex is a tumultuous and ever changing situation. Most gangs are not enough of a threat to seriously challenge a group of well armed Shadowrunners, however they do control large amounts of territory and can cause a lot of mayhem. Runners are likely to deal with them from time to time in the form of contacts, obstacles and sources of information. We here at Shadowland by no means have the most up to date information we leave that to the Gangs department of Lone Star but we have as comprehensive a list as we can maintain because this information can save your hoop.

Gangs in Seattle fall into a few major categories, Street Gangs, Go-Gangs, Matrix Gangs, Thrill Gangs and Wizzer Gangs.

A gang is a group of recurrently associating individuals or close friends or family with identifiable leadership and internal organization, identifying with or claiming control over territory in a community, and engaging either individually or collectively in violent or illegal behavior. Some criminal gang members are “jumped in” or have to prove their loyalty by committing acts such as theft or violence.

Street gangs fit the gang description to a T. They tend to engage in protection rackets, drug & BTL dealing, prostitution and other street level criminal activities.

Go-Gangs are what used to be called criminal Motor Cycle organizations. They evolved out of the Outlaw Motorcycle scene. They tend to pick certain roads and claim them as their territory.

Matrix Gangs are a weird mix of street gangs and techno savvy geeks. Wile they some times have turf in the meat world, most of them concentrate on claiming turf in the Matrix and run quite a few high tech criminal enterprises.

Thrill Gangs tend to be made up of bored rich kids or wannabe bored rich kids. They commit crimes for kicks and the cash to throw elaborate parties with lots of girls and drugs.

Wizzer Gangs don’t let the silly sounding name fool you they are some of the most dangerous groups in the ’Plex. Wizzer gangs are made up of magically active members most but not all of them are fairly young. They may not be the best trained or most powerful spell slingers in the area but when you are faced with 5+ angry young people throwing magical destruction your way it usually results in a bad day for everyone.

Street Gangs

Black Rains
Blood Brothers
Bloody Screamers
Crimson Crush
Desolation Angels
Emerald Dogs
First Nation
Forever Tacoma
Night Hunters
Rat Eaters
Red Hot Nukes
Rusted Stilettos
Silent Ps
Troll Killers


405 Hellhounds
Asphalt Devils
Blood Mountain Boys
Blood Rumblers
chaos Brigade
Leather Devils
Red Rovers
The Spikes

Matrix Gangs

Brain Eaters
Cereal Killers
Reality Hackers

Thrill Gangs

Fircrist Surgeons
Kabuki Ronin
Lakewood Giants

Wizzer Gangs


Street Gangs of Seattle

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