EcoArk is a small corporation that was started by Eva Rozales. Eva is from Aztlan and her father is a high ranking executive at Aztechnology. She served as a captain in the Aztlan Army. It is rumored that she spent some time in the Yucatan jungles fighting rebels. After she left the Army she moved to Seattle and started her company.

She set up her headquarters in Glow City. This was widely considered a risky and dangerous decision. Though it did align with her goal of environmental activism and empowerment of the underprivileged.

Despite her detractors trying to prove links to her father and Aztechnology as backers no evidence has come to light to support these allegations.

EcoArk’s first project in Glow City is called project Green House. Project Green House She is designed to do three things in Glow City. First using new environmental cleanup techniques being pioneered by EcoArk, to reclaim the resulting cleaned real estate, use that cleaned land to build vertical farms and provide jobs to the SINless in the area.

EcoArk is working with the UCAS and local Seattle government to provide SINs, housing, job training and jobs on the cleanup, building and farming projects.

As with any corporation in our modern world they are actually made up of several different subsidiaries that work together to make a larger conglomerate.


EcoTrans – Shipping Division that focuses on using clean fuel technologies

EcoClean – This is the division responsible for the environmental clean up being done in Glow City. They seem to have a way to reverse the damage caused to irradiated soil and actually remove radiation and toxic waste from the environment.

Vertical Farms LLC – This is the newest branch of EcoArc they are setting up the first Vertical Farm in Glow City and will be testing a variety of cutting edge techniques that they hope to capitalize on for future growth for the company as a whole.

Green Building – This is the construction branch of EcoArc they are pioneering green construction techniques and the use of advanced building materials and techniques. They are pushing the boundaries of 3D Printing for construction and rumors speculate they are trying to apply nanotech to the construction scene.

Current Events

EcoArc is currently walking a fine line with their PR. A lot of attention has been focused on this small startup however not all of it has been good. Many people have underestimated they thinking they are a hippy dippy environmental activism group trying to masquerade as a corporation. The environmental groups seem to think EcoArc is trying to steal their thunder all the while poisoning mother Earth when no one is looking. While the future looks bright for this young corp it is also uncertain.

The two biggest questions everyone is trying to answer regarding EcoArc seem to be. Where did they get their financial backing? How did they develop cleanup techniques that let them seemingly completely remove ambient radiation from the enviroment with out anyone getting wise before they announced it publicly? Just what did she find down in the Yucatan jungle?


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