Name: The Cutters
Type: Street
Size: Large
Confirmed Years of Operation: Spawned from LA Gang in the 1980’s and still active
Turf: Downtown
Appearance/Colors: Gold and Yellow
Friends: Currently an uneasy truce with the Ancients
Enemies: Tigers
Membership: Humans and any meta except Elves

The Cutters are one of the largest gangs in North America.

They trace their origins to a gang in Los Angeles in 1980s. They have chapters in major cities, and in 2054 were one of the largest ( second largest ) gangs in Seattle, after the Ancients and before the Tigers (a gang affiliated with the Eighty Eights triad). A biological warfare agent incident, decimated the Seattle branch of the Cutters in 2054. Since then they have been slowly rebuilding their strength.

The Cutters accept members of all metatypes except elves, due to their ongoing enmity with the Ancients.

Their main area of operations is Downtown.

Compared to other gangs, Cutters organizational structure is relatively sophisticated and business like. They tend to care more about profit than pure reputation, and most of their actions will be carried out only after a cost-vs-profit analysis.

Leadership in 2054:

Blake: leader of the Cutters in Seattle, sophisticated black human (alive in 2058)
Ranger: Cutters’ war boss (dies in 2054)
Vladimir: Cutters’ lieutenant, bloodthirsty, vicious (alive in 2058, deceased in 2070)
Springblossom: Cutters’ lieutenant, Deer shaman (alive in 2058)
Musen: Cutters’ accountant
Fahd: Cutters’ business developer


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