405 Hellhounds

Name: 405 Hellhounds
Type: Go-Gang
Size: Small
Confirmed Years of Operation: Active since the 2050s
Turf: Intercity 405 south of Bellevue
Appearance/Colors: red and orange, emblem of a hellhound
Enemies: Blood Mountain Boys and Leather Devils; The Spikes aren’t happy about Blaster stealing their colors.
Friends: some Scrappers, but not the whole gang
Membership: Humans only

This is gang is mainly made up of humans, but metas are welcome. They specialize in moving items, (specifically illegal items) from one end of Bellevue to the other. Consider what you’d get if you mate the insane recklessness of a bicyle messenger with the bad-ass firepower of a motorcyle gang, and you’ve got the Hellhounds. Named after the two “pets” of a former leader, the gang spends about as much time fighting turf wars, specifically the Blood Mountain Boys and the Leather Devils as it does delivering goods. Recently they’ve moved into the bootlegging business and they’ve taken to it like a duck to water. Of course this leads them into even further conflict with the BMBs.

Recently lost their club house in a police/gang war.

405 is a road that circles the Seattle area; it’s a bypass to the I5 corridor. 405 starts (more or less) at the SeaTac Airport, runs East for mile or two, and then cuts North around the far side of Lake Union. It passes through Renton, Bellevue, gets close to Redmond, then Kirkland and finally Everett.

405 Hellhounds

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