The Fin

Fence Human Male


Name: The Fin

Human, Male

Initiative: 7 + 1d6
Dice Pools
Karma/Professional Rating 20/4


The Fin is an interesting part of the Seattle Shadow Community. The Fin is a fence and one of the best in the business, he can either move what ever hot commodity you have on your hands or he knows someone that can. The Fin has ties to all the major underworld players the Mob, Yakuza, Vory and many of the lesser know ones. He even has contacts well outside of Seattle and the UCAS.

The Fin is a small almost misshapen man with sallowed skin who’s nationality is difficult to pin down. Due to his appearance as well as his well founded paranoia he prefers to do most of his dealings thru the Matrix.

The Fin is not only able to move items the runners want to sell he is also very adept at acquiring items of interest to many Shadowrunners. He tends to specialize in high tech items but can get a hold of just about anything given enough time.

The Fin

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