The Chemist

Chemical Engineer Human Male


Name: The Chemist

Body Quickness Strength Charisma Intelligence Willpower
4 6 3 6 11 6
Essence Magic Reaction
6 - -

Dice Pools Combat: 11, Task: 3, Hacking: 13
Karma/Professional Rating 10/4
Active Skills:
Etiquette 6, Negotiation 6, Athleteics 4, Edged Weapons 6, SMG 9, Stealth 6, Demolitions 12, Computer 9, Computer B/R 6, Electronics 6, Electronics B/R 6, Biotech (First Aid) 6/10, Car 6, Interrogation 6, SMG B/R 6

Knowledge Skills: Chemistry 12, Medicine 12, Cybertechnology 8, Engineering 8, Smuggling Routes 6, Safehouse Locations 6, Poetry 4, Cal Free Politics 4


An original anarchist as he likes to call himself the Chemist as he is know to his friends has been rebelling against the Man. He attended University of California Berkeley back when California was still a state in the Union.

He threw himself wholeheartedly into the California Free State when they broke away and fought the Japanese when they invaded. He has been making bombs and all sorts of other chemical substances to finance his endeavors ever since.

The Chemist

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