Orc Street Samurai


Real Name/Aliases: ??
Age/Nationality/Metatype/Gender: Early 20s/UCAS/Orc/Female
Distinguishing Physical Features: Cybereyes, Physically Fit
Area of Operation: Seattle
Specialties: Pistols, Unarmed Combat, Cyber Implant Weaponry
Psycological Traits: Patient, Aggressive


Undertaker Michelle Rampling Nasty Nick
The Fin Aloysius The Chemist
Eva Rozales Gaku Miyao

Shiv is another member of the Shadowrunner team organized around Blitzkrieg. There is little about her in any database she is assumed to have been born among the Seattle Ork community. She is thought to have ties to the Seattle Ork underground though this is difficult to confirm.

Shiv is a massive female Ork and appears to have had a great deal of both cybernetic and bioware augmentation. She has displayed cybereyes, retractable cyberspurs, enhanced reflexes, probable muscle augmenting cyber or bioware as well as other yet unidentified implants. She has shown herself to be a master of Pistols, Unarmed Combat and her Cyberspurs. She has exhibited more patience and discipline than anyone on her team other than Blitzkrieg. She makes a valuable asset.

As is typical of Orks she can be quite aggressive and deadly when angered. Though she composes and carries herself well. She seems to do a lot of the actual negotiating for the team. This makes her a well rounded and valuable member of her runner team.

If the correct circumstances where to occur she could be a potentially valuable asset to a corporate team. This asset bears continued close monitoring.


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