Dwarf PhysAdept fisticuffs specialist


Real Name/Aliases: ??
Age/Nationality/Metatype/Gender: Mid 20s/UCAS/Dwarf/Male
Distinguishing Physical Features: Unknown
Area of Operation: Seattle
Specialties: Assault Rifles, unarmed combat, Physical Adept
Psycological Traits:


Cowboy Rolando Dr. Tina
Eva Rozales The Bear Gaku Miyao

Little is know about the Dwarf known only as Romp. He has either taken great pains to hide his past and identity or he was never in any databases to begin with making him one of the SINless.

He has shown to be hot headed, reactionary and prone to violence. This makes him a valuable if a some what unpredictable asset.

He does run with a team of Shadowrunners and they seem to temper his volatile nature. Recommendations to those seeking to use him as an asset is to not employ him with out his team.


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