Human Mage


Name: Rolando

Body Quickness Strength Charisma Intelligence Willpower
- - - 5 5 6
Essence Magic Reaction
8(9) -

Dice Pools
Karma/Professional Rating 6/2
Magic 8(9)
Active Skills: Etiquette(Corp) 5/7, Negotiation 6, Sorcery 5, Conjuring 5, Cyber Combat 4, Pistols 4
Knowledge Skills: Acquire Gear(Magic Gear) 2/5, Corp Back Ground 4, Mafia 3, Magic Background 5, Italian 5, Fashion 6, Talismongering 4, Shadowrunners 3, Street Background 4
Cyber/Bioware: Datajack, Retractable Hand Blade, Trauma Damper, Clean Metabolism, Skin Pigment
Talents/Abilities/Spells: Anchoring, Masking, Sheilding, Armor, Detect Enomies (ER), Fashion, Fireball, Heal, Ice Sheet, Increased Reflexes +3, Improved Invisibility, Manaball
Gear: Armband (Sustaning Focus 1 w/ Inc Reflex +3), Ornate Gold Medallion (Spell Focus 3, Manipulation), Fetishes, Armor Clothing (3/0), Ceska vz 120 w/ silencer, Weapon Focus 2 (retractable hand blade)


Rolando is a hermetic mage. He has clearly had extensive cosmetic surgery done and visibly has a few implants. He appears to be of Mediterranean extraction and acts so much like a poor trid stereotype that most people think that he’s simply watched too many repeats of Godfather IX. He has all the accent, all of the clothes, gaudy jewelry (including a gold medallion on gold chain dangling about his neck), but none of the class. He is boorish, tactless, and generally only cares about himself. He is festooned with various magical fetishes and other paraphernalia, though one small pin is not magic related, but identifies him as a member of the Puget Sound Sports Fishing club.


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