Nasty Nick

Sioux Human Male Arms Dealer


Name: Nicholas Brundy

Body Quickness Strength Charisma Intelligence Willpower
5 4 5 4 7 4
Essence Magic Reaction
5.2 - 5

Initiative: 5+1d6
Dice Pools Combat 7
Karma/Professional Rating 3/3
Active Skills: Computer 3, Demolitions 7, Electronics 3, Negotiations 6, Pistols 5, Submachine Guns 5, Wild Cat 6, Pistol B/R 6, Assault Rifle B/R 6, Rifle B/R 6, Gunnery B/R 5, SMG B/R 5, Launch Weapons B/R 3, Electronics B/R 4
Knowledge Skills: Weapon Acquisition 6, Ballistics 4, Body Armor 4, Ares Background 4, Chemistry 4, NAN Politics 4

Gear: Armor Clothing (3/0), Ares Predator 3, APDS Hvy Pistol rouds, several well armed bodyguards (team members)
Cyberwear: Datajack, Smartlink 2,


Nick Brundy was a former weapons specialist for the Sioux Wildcats he earned his nick name of “Nasty Nick” after setting a BTL dealers boat with so much high explosive that the twin engines powering it traveled in different directions at high speed after the explosives where triggered. His team members just looked at him and said “Damn that was nasty!!” the name just stuck after that.

After doing to tours with the teams he and most of his unit went into the private sector.

Nasty Nick

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