Eva Rozales

CEO EcoArk Human Female


Name: Eva Rozales

Body Quickness Strength Charisma Intelligence Willpower
3 3 3 3 3 3
Essence Magic Reaction
6 - -

Dice Pools
Karma/Professional Rating


CEO of the new corp EcoArk based in Seattle. They are currently operating in the Glow City region of the Seattle Metroplex.

She is heading up a project to do three things in Glow City. First she is using new environmental cleanup techniques being pioneered by EcoArk, create vertical farms in the resulting cleaned real estate and provide jobs to the SINless in the area.

Eva is from Aztlan and her father is a high ranking executive at Aztechnology. She served as a captain in the Aztlan Army and participated in battles against the Yucatan rebels. Her platoon was wiped out in one battle and she escaped into the jungle where she was on the run from the rebels for three weeks before she made it back to Aztlan held territory. She finished out her four year tour and received many decorations for her combat roles. Though official documentation of her activities during that time is still Classified.

A year later she started her own company in Seattle. Thus EcoArk arrived on the scene. He and her father seem to have an estranged relationship at this point and despite lots of people trying to prove otherwise Aztechology is not affiliated in any way with EcoArk.

Eva Rozales

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