Cowboy Action Shooter Spanish Male Orc


Name: Cowboy

Body Quickness Strength Charisma Intelligence Willpower
8 6 7 4 4 5
Essence Magic Reaction
6 10 11

Initiative: 11+4d6
Dice Pools Combat 7
Karma/Professional Rating 4/3
Active Skills: Etiquette 6, Negotiation 6, Pistols 8, Rifles 4, Shotgun 4, Athletics 7, Stealth 5, Survival 4
Knowledge Skills: Acting 7, History of the Old West 7, Shadowrunners 4, Simsense Stars 4, Seattle Entrainment Industry 5, English 6, Spanish 6, Orzzet 6
Adept Powers: Increased Reflexes 3, Improved(Ability Pistols) 6
Initiate Powers: Centering, Centering (Pistols), Masking


Originally hailing from Spain Cowboy was obsessed with well “cowboys” as a child. He has family in Aztlan and Spain that still own large ranches. He spent much of his youth riding horses, working as a ranch hand and learning to shoot. He got involved in Cowboy Action Shooting and made a name for himself. This lead to him getting involved in Seattle’s entrainment and shadow communities.

He dresses well in western style suits and Gaucho style cowboy hat. He always wears his trademark pistol rig even if he can’t always carry his pair of custom revolvers. He has the refined manners and bearing of a Spanish noble, though he knows well the value of hard work.

He has played the part of many a villain and few sidekicks in sever simsense franchises. He is a good person to talk if you’re looking to track down information about the simsense industry in general or Seattle’s entertainment industry specifically.


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