Rigger German Male Human


Real Name/Aliases: Gustov Strauss
Age/Nationality/Metatype/Gender: 23/German/Human/Male
Distinguishing Physical Features: Always seen wearing a military style respirator
Area of Operation: Seattle, Germany
Specialties: Drone Operation, surveillance, Vehicle Operation, Decking
Psychological Traits: Favors military uniform style dress, Disciplined, Precise


Cowboy Nitro Lt Mausers
Rolando Joey Eva Rozales
Gaku Miyao

Gustov joined the German Army before he was even 18. He was identified as have very high hand eye coordination abilities, spacial awareness and organizational abilities. He was recruited for the drone pilot program. A program at which he excelled. He became a first rate vectored thrust pilot and served a tour in the Desert Wars. He served with distinction and received several combat citations.

For reasons unknown after he left the Army after his first four year tour. He disappeared into the shadows and a few months later he surfaced in the shadows of Seattle making a name for himself as Blitzkrieg. He has proven a capable leader for his ragtag runner team.

Recommendations for those seeking to use him as an asset. He has proven to be a cable team leader and valuable asset. He has taken a ragtag group of individuals and given them the leadership and disciple to accomplish some very difficult runs.


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