Info Broker German Male Changeling


Name: Aloysius Von Strake

Body Quickness Strength Charisma Intelligence Willpower
3 3 3 6 6 (7) 5
Essence Magic Reaction
3.05 - 4 (5)

Initiative: 4 (5) +1d6, Matrix 4 (7) +2d6
Dice Pools Combat 7, Hacking 6, Task 2
Karma/Professional Rating 2/2
Active Skills: Computer(Search Operations) 4/7, Etiquette(Matrix) 5/7, Interrogation(Mental) 4/6, Negation 6, Pistols 3
Knowledge Skills: Corporate Politics 7, Criminal Organizations 6, Data Brokerage 8, Data Havens 6, Famous Deckers 5, Artificial Intelligences 5, 9 others at 5, German 8, English 6, Japanese 4, French 4, Spanish 4
Biowware/Cyberware: Cerebral booster 1, 4 port datajack, encephalon 2, mnemonic enhancer 3
Gear: Ares Predator 3, Bug Scanner 8, Custom Cyberdeck, Data Codebreaker 8, Data Encryption System 8, Dataline Scanner 8, Dataline Tap 8, White Noise Generator 10


Aloysius collects information like a Raven collects shiny trinkets. He is punctual, precise and efficient. He prefers to meet in the Matrix in a secure chat room. It is only rarely that he will meet face to face.

He also runs a secure data transfer service and has a few dedicated couriers that work for him. He even hires shadowrunners to deliver hot information for him or provide extra security for his couriers.

His persona in the Matrix is a man-sized giant Raven wearing a leather messenger bag & wearing a gold Rolex on his left leg. He is accompanied by two smaller Ravens about the sized of German shepherds & numerous normal sized Ravens that make up his unkindness.


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