Talismonger Salish Human Female


Name: Addy

Body Quickness Strength Charisma Intelligence Willpower
5 6 4 7 8 8
Essence Magic Reaction
6 10 6

Initiative: 16 + 4d6
Dice Pools Combat , Spell , Astral 4
Karma/Professional Rating 9/4
Magic: 10

Active Skills: Sorcery 9, Conjuring 9, Aura Reading 6, Pistol 5, Athletics 4, Stealth 6, Centering 8, Biotech(first Aid) 4/7, Enchanting 10

Knowledge Skills. Acquire Gear(Magic Gear) 5/10, Corp Back Ground 4, Magic Background 8, Latin 10, Talismongering 10, Shadowrunners 3, Street Background 4, Geology 4, Metallurgy 4, Botany 4, Spirits 7, Holistic Medicine 3, Medicine 3

Bioware/Cyberware: none
Talents/Abilities/Spells: Centering, Masking, Anchoring, Shielding
Preserve, ManaBolt, ManaBall, Fireball, Lightning Bolt, Increase Reaction, Increased Reflexes +3, Heal, Treat, Enhanced Aim, Armor, Detect Bullet, Barrier
Gear: Magic Shop (Enchanting Kit, Enchanting Shop x2), Sorcery Library R: 10, Conjuring Library R: 10, Summoning Circle


A hermetic mage that retired from running to become a Talismonger and Enchanter. She has a shop in Snohomish it’s a bit out of the way from the City proper but it is one of if not the Best shop in Seattle.

If she doesn’t carry the item you want in stock she can either make it or knows a guy that can get it.

Addy worked for DocWagon for a time as part of a HTR Team, she provided magical healing for patients and cover fire for her team.

Addy is of Salish descent and still has family in Salish-Shidhe lands.


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